BPG 2023

Annual Meeting of the Belgian Polymer Group

 Houffalize, Belgium    May 22-23, 2023


As Support and Product Xperts, we help laboratories with their research and analysis.

We introduce new technologies and developments of existing technologies to our customers to help them reach their goals.

Through our experience, versatility and organizational strength, our organization distinguishes itself as a company where every employee maximizes customer satisfaction, personal results, teamwork and communication skills. These principles help us establish a long-term relationship with our customers.


JEOL is a world leader in electron optical and analytical instrumentation, for R&D and quality control.
Core products include:

  • NMR, ESR, mass spectrometers;
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (ED-XRF);
  • scanning electron microscopes (SEM); table-top, compact, conventional and high-end
  • multibeam systems (FIB-SEM);
  • transmission electron microscopes (TEM);
  • specimen preparation tools for bulk cross-sectioning and TEM thin film preparation;
  • surface analytical equipment (AES, EDS, EPMA, XPS);
  • semiconductor tools for e-beam lithography and mask making.

JEOL BV is well established in the Benelux, with 2 sales and service centres offering unlimited support


Since 2002 JSB has been active on the European market and in the past twenty years JSB positioned itself as a full knowledge partner in chromatography and mass spectrometry solutions.
JSB gained knowledge and experience to provide laboratory of chromatography solutions in the next areas: environmental, petrochemical, chemical, food & flavor, life sciences and forensics.
Analytical instruments can be purchased in different places, but solid advice tailored to the needs of your laboratory or process environment is not readily available. However, you can call on JSB for both GC (MS) and LC (MS) techniques specifically for your field of application. We have a full range of custom-made solutions. We consider it our task to offer added value when it comes to instrumentation. These standard or custom-made solutions are often delivered including application. For sample pre-processing to full automation, JSB ensures a turnkey solution of several systems, together with the relevant application.

Your problem is our inspiration, which often results in innovative solutions. JSB presents itself to its customers as a knowledge partner in chromatography. We think very highly of both knowledge and innovation. JSB produces the solution for you in their workshop if no commercial solution is available. That is how JSB always wants to be one step ahead of knowledge. This is also possible because JSB invests in the knowledge and skill of highly-trained staff. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that JSB is the knowledge partner you have been looking for. Our capital is invested in our employees who can support you in terms of instrumental technique, applications, service and maintenance, automation and specific software solutions.


SerCoLab is you premium partner for custom made solutions for analytical HPLC, preparative HLPC, automated food and feed analyser (organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, mycotoxines and sugars) and automated online-HPLC.

For dedicated GPC-analysis of polymers we are representing Tosoh whom offer ambient and high-temperature GPC-systems, including RI, UV, MALS, ELSD and Viscometer detection for your most demanding applications.

Of course we can also offer all consumables, spares and after sales services for all our instruments.

On top of that we can also offer lab-water systems, gasgenerators (compressed air, nitrogen and hydrogen) for all lab-applications, autosamplers for all LC(MS) and GC(MS) brands, and air sampling solutions (pumps, tubes & filters) and much more.